Thursday 4 April 2013

A small step from my side .....

Hi All,
Welcome to the blog where we would be doing exactly same what title says "Apex n Fun" .... So we will be learning and sharing the knowledge of Oracle Apex a.k.a Application Express and also see the lot of Fun it brings to work on such a koool technology.
This is my first posting on this blog and to start with, I would share my experience with Apex from initial till the moment I m publishing this post. Hoping this would help my readers to understand how easy it can be to work and learn with fun !
The First Meet : It is the year of 2009, and we are into start of final year of engineering at Sinhgad Institue Of Technology, Lonavala. As being the final year, we are required to complete an industrial project. So my project group member Sameer works out his social links and brings a cool project which need to be developed in Oracle Apex.
As being a total Microsoft lover at college, I never stepped beyond knowing the name "Oracle Apex". I visited the site but didn't understand a bit out of the things which appeared on the page.
This is the only short meet I had with Apex and I never looked back to it after this.
The Second Encounter : Year 2011, I am now working at an IT Company at Pune.
It is about two years since I learned, rather heard the existence of something called Oracle Apex. I get an internal email from a senior colleague to join up and learn Oracle Apex through a training session given by few SMEs.
Something struck my mind this day, and I decide to give it a try. I subscribed for the training.
The training went great with each and everything explained so well by Mahesh and Nachiket sir. They introduced us with the basics, the gui, the needed skills, the benefits, the architecture, and everything. I gave a little time and a more little effort to the knowledge we learnt and to tell you the truth, I was now fan of Apex. I never knew that I can work something great and all I need to know is PL/SQL. Damm thing, we are seeing and working PL/SQL from past 5 years, but never leveraged it.
So now I started to work on Apex, the features I found interesting, the effort goes in very easy, the work goes quick, and the best part - you have something to learn everyday ....
Time by time from this moment, me and few colleagues started working Apex, exploring the possibilities, understanding the limits, utilizing the features, and it is all fun working with the latest and simple tool !


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